About e-Certificate

eCertificate allows you to have your degree, diploma or certificate sent by the issuer directly to your email account.

eCertificate's digital format is environmentally friendly, convenient, and above all, perfect for today's online society. An eCertificate also contains its own inbuilt guarantee of authenticity, removing any doubt in an employer's mind about its validity.

Once received, you simply embed your eCertificates within your resume to give potential employers total confidence in your qualifications and skills... putting an end to the last minute copying, scanning, faxing, and proof of authenticity issues that exist with paper-based certifications.

To receive an eCertificate, your accreditation provider (University, School, College) must be a member of the eCertificate program. The list of participating organisations is growing everyday, however, if your accreditation provider is not yet participating, simply email us and we'll get to work on them right away!