1. What is an eCertificate?

An eCertificate is an electronic document (technically a secure PDF file).

2. Once I have found it on the website how do I actually get a copy of my certificate?

Once you are on the website, you will be asked to follow some instructions to save the certificate in its .pdf format. From there you can print it or use it as you wish.

3. What type of printer do I need?

The eCertificate has been carefully designed to ensure that an acceptable copy will be printed on most printers. It would be best to use a good color printer for quality copies. Reasonable results can be obtained from standard, inexpensive printers.

4. What if I don't have a color printer?

You can print with black & white printer. Black & white e-certificate also acceptable at all over India.

5. How can I use my eCertificate?

Candidate will be able to download the PDF file of their certificate and then distribute it in a number of ways. It can easily be emailed as an attachment to any customer or other business partner, output from your printer or posted to your own website.

eCertificates can be used to demonstrate your certification to stakeholders, customers and suppliers as well as easy and cost effective inclusion in your bids for new business.

6. Is the eCertificate a legal document in the same way as the old paper version?

The eCertificate has the same legal status as the former paper version.

7. If someone presents a certificate to me how do I know it is a genuine certificate?

To check the validity of a eCertificate go at your accreditation provider's (University, School, College) website and click on a link e-Certificate Verification.

8. Can I tell my organization/employer that they can check my certificate in this way?

Yes of course! Anyone can access the validation websites for any certificate issued by your accreditation provider's (University, School, College). This is a free service.

9. What about security? Can eCertificates be copied or forged?

We takes the issue of certificate authenticity very seriously. The eCertificates are provided in the form of a "locked" PDF file. This coupled with our authentication process means that we have done our utmost to protect eCertificates from most forms of tampering.

Any modifications to a eCertificate will be detected during the online verification process and details of how to gain further support from we will be provided.

10. What if I have a further question about eCertificates?

If you want to know anything else about eCertificates you can contact at info@kitinfinet.com. Also you can view demo